These skills govern the players abilities with the various types of weapons. All weapons do a kind of damage, with some weird ones doing several at once with different damage descriptions for each. Weapons require a certain level of their individual skill to wield, though worn or damaged weapons may be wielded by those with less in that skill, due to their degredation. In general, the higher the skill required to wield a weapon, the more damage it is capable of.

Weapon Skills

Blade: One-Handed weapons that Pierce or Slash, such as swords and axes.

Blunt: One-Handed weapons that Bash, such as maces and clubs.

Knife: Light Piercing or Slashing weapons, but lacking the ability to use any Strength bonus and are generally 2-3 Levels weaker than standard weapons of equal Skill requirement.

Polearm: Large Two-Handed, often Slashing, weapons that allow you to attack from the rear ranks of a Party, such as halberds and spears.

Projectile: Piercing Weapons that utilise ammunition such as Bows and Crossbows, penetrate Armour better than any other and utilise Dexterity much more than Strength.

Staff: Bashing, Two-Handed weapons that often have magical enchantments.

Thrown: Often one-shot Piercing weapons such as javelins and spears, these do not allow Strength to be utilised when wielded in combat but when actually thrown cause greater damage.

Two-Handed: Large weapons that increase your Strength bonus to damage, but weigh a great deal such as claymores, scythes and greatswords. They also generally hit as hard as standard weapons that are 2-3 Sklill requirement Levels higher.

Whip: Light weapons that often Slash, utilise Dexterity over Strength, have difficulty with Armour and are generally 2-3 Levels weaker than standard weapons of equal Skill requirement..