Warmages are spell casters of the highest calibre. They draw their power from a number of sources, ranging anywhere from the elemental powers of Nature to Infernal entities that lurk in the outer planes. Warmages are totally absorbed in their magic, either as a means to material gain or just for the pure pleasure of casting spells, as they relish being part of the minority who can understand the complex knowledge required to wield magic.

In combat, matters of stealth and faith, Warmages fare poorly for all their time is devoted to the perusal of eldritch literature, much of which is better left unread. They need great Intelligence to comprehend and utilise such works as well as a profound Wisdom to help them wield more magical power. Dexterity is also of use to them, for the intricate gestures and sigils that must be made and written require fluidity of movement. Early on, when their grasp of the magical arts is limited, Warmages have a very hard time, but when they reach the levels of Magus they are formidable opponents indeed!

Permitted Armour: Cloth.

Wizard in Charge: Azazel
Deputy Wizard:


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
Secondary Secondary Primary Primary Secondary Primary


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Secondary Blade: Tertiary Conjuring: Primary Bargaining: Secondary
Attack: Tertiary Blunt: Secondary Insight: Primary Riding: Tertiary
Defence: Secondary Knife:Secondary Magic Attack: Primary
Melee: Tertiary Projectile: Secondary Magic Defence: Primary
Staff: Primary
Thrown: Secondary

Guild Hall

Location: At the end of the Rocky Trail, north of the Great Western Highway (See Maps).

Directions to Drakenwood Square: e, out, 2se, 3s, 3e, 2ne, 21e, []

Directions from Drakenwood Square: [], 21w, 2sw, 3w, 3n, 2nw, in, w

Guild Features

  • A great library filled with all kinds of information.
  • Akazanath's shop and armoury.
  • Malgath the wizened, who knows many stories...
  • the basement summoning room, which makes binding minions easier!

Warmage Arcana

Please remember that all spells take time to cast (during which you will not be attacking with a weapon) and spell damage is based of the Intelligence Stat as well as the requisite Skill!

Name Level Stat/Skill Description
Colour 0 N/A

Change the colour of your Conjured items (See "help Colour")

Comprehend Languages 10 Conjuring Attempt to understand written text
Force Cage 10 Magic Attack Prevents enemy movement, sets Player wimpy to 0
Magic Missile 10 Magic Attack A basic Magical attack
Scrying Mirror 10 Conjuring View a being from afar
Conjure Bag 15 Conjuring Create a Warmage Bag
Fear 20 Magic Attack Cause a foe to run away for several rooms
Legend Lore 20 Conjuring Attempt to learn info, such as keywords, about an object
Mirror Image 20 Conjuring Lower your chance to be hit in melee for a short time
Mist of Mana 20 Conjuring Make melee combat & vision more difficult in a room
The Curse of Elmer Fudd 20 Conjuring Make a player talk like Elmer Fudd for a while
Weakness 20 Magic Attack Lower a foes Skill (of your choice)  for a time
Anti-Magic Shield 25 Magic Defence Increased resistance to magic, but lowers Magic Attack, Magic Defence and Conjuring.
Conjure Cloak 25 Conjuring Create a Warmage Cloak
Disintegration 25 Magic Attack Destroy an object
Enchantment Arcane 25 Conjuring Increase a weapons damage, small chance to allow it to ignore armour
Teleportation 25 Conjuring Teleport to the Drakenwood Guild from anywhere in the Western Realms
Transference Portal 25 Conjuring Teleport from the Drakenwood Guild to a random nearby location.
Light 30 Conjuring Create a source of light that fades with time
Orb of Darkness 30 Conjuring Create a source of darkness that brightens over time
Burning Hands 35 Magic attack Damage a foe with elemental Fire
Cone of Cold 35 Magic attack Damage a foe with elemental Cold
Lightning Bolt 35 Magic attack Damage a foe with elemental Electricity
Absorb Mana 40 Conjuring Consume food/drink, less bloat, can use in Combat to only heal MP and not flare Shroud
Conjure Staff 40 Conjuring Create a Warmage Staff
Confusion 50 Magic Attack Cause a foe to sometimes enter random commands/do unusual things
Death Shroud 50 Magic Defence Reflect some physical damage on attackers, but take double from magic and healing now harms you!
Fireball 50 Magic Attack A very damaging blast of elemental Fire
Icebolt 50 Magic Attack A very damaging blast of elemental Cold
Mage Pose 50 Conjuring A flashy way of showing off!
Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer 50 Conjuring Increase all your Magical Damage for a short time, potency decreases with your Level
Transformation 50 Conjuring Boost armour, APR, HP and Str, but reduce Defence, Int and all Magic Skills for a time.
Dismissal 60 Conjuring Dismiss a Summoned follower, may fail, can damage other Demons greatly.
Summon Imp 60 Conjuring Summon a minor Infernal follower
Wall of Fire 65 Magic Attack A wave of elemental Fire that affects all limbs!
Summon Daemon 70 Conjuring Summon an average Infernal follower
Mana Shield 85 Magic Defence For 10 seconds, 2/3rds Damage taken is removed from MP instead of HP, but takes 2MP for every 1HP
Annihilation 80 Magic Attack 2 Magical attacks. Drains MP from surrounding indiviiduals to power damage.
Summon Demon 80 Conjuring Summon a capable Infernal follower
Blast 90 Magic Attack Powerful Magic Attack
Summon Major Demon 90 Conjuring Summon a powerful Infernal follower if you know their True Name
Ward of Fortification  95 Magic Defence Prevent limb loss, reflecting damage back at attacker
Delayed Blast Fireball 100 Magic Attack Create a timed Fire attack that affects a room, up to 10 minutes on fuse
Summon Greater Demon 100 Conjuring Summon a very powerful Infernal follower if you know their True Name
Temporal Slow 100 Conjuring Reduce a foe's APR
Meteor Swarm  110 Magic attack Channel several waves of elemental Fire to damage all in a room
Temporal Haste 115 Conjuring Increase someone's APR
Innervation Prime 120 Magic Defence Spend 25 seconds and recover all MP, may backfire!
Prismatic Spray 125 Magic Attack Fire/Cold/Electric/HP & MP reduce/Weaken/Lower  Magic resistance attack! Must have one hand free to cast!
Summon Demon Lord 125 Conjuring Summon a legendary Infernal Follower if you know their True Name
Rary's Greater Enhancer 130 Conjuring Increase all your Magical Damage for a short time, potency increases with your Level

Warmage Races

Artrell: Odd, the only advantage you get is the ability to wield more weapons, which has some use. You'll find boosting your combat skills with Transform and Shroud better than standing and casting Fireballs when it comes to fighting. A very specific playstyle indeed. Multi choices such as Monk (Chi/Def) for healing and defences or Rogue (Assassin) for powerful poisons could help a lot.

Aurin: Tremendously talented! Aurin make powerful magi indeed, and with the addition of Cleric or Druid later they become truly excellent! Their frail physicality is generally offset by their Weave ability, timing and careful spell-use.

Centaur: Nearly as bad as a Giant, it would be a long hard struggle indeed to get anywhere as a Centaur! Even at the heights of their power they would be feeble compared to their brethren. Potential multi as Fighter or Ranger could help, but you're really wasting your time!

Drow: Much like their Elven cousins, Drow excell as Warmages! Later Multi as Rogue (Assassin) or (Bandit) gives them unparalleled power with the right preperation, though without it or when surprised they can be fragile!

Dwarf: Poor, but not hopeless. Your physical advantages lean you toward enhancement over spell damage as with Artrell, but your Conjuring suffers greatly. Not recommended. Later on a multi to Cleric or Fighter would be recommended.

Elf: Supreme damage dealers with magic, some of the best Warmages are Elves! Adding Cleric, Druid or Ranger (Eagle Clan) to the mix later on just makes them even better!

Faerie: Glass cannons! Faeries are good Warmages and with Mirror  and Mist are rarely struck.. When they are though they tend to explode given their weak health and cloth armour. Recommended to multi into Monk (Phys/Def) or Cleric (Caitlin) later to protect themselves more.

Giant: The worst! The only advantages come from beating things to death easily with your staff and being tough, but your magic is pathetic. In theory, you can push a pure enhancement path and be playable, but enjoyable...that's less likely. Moves into Fighter, Monk (Phys/Off) or Ranger (Bear Clan) are least painful and help a lot.

Gnome: Argueably equal to Elves, though with great wisdom to back up their intelligence, Gnomes are extremely common in this Guild. Most become a Cleric (Caitlin or Jeroth) or perhaps a Monk (Chi/Def or Off) later to gain either more magical defence or offense.

Half-Elf: No downsides to this, the Half-Elven take as readily to Warmage as they do most other things. Druid or Ranger later is recommended

Halfling: Weird, you gain little as a Halfling Warmage, save for a nimbleness, but you are weak and easily hurt. Low Wisdom hurts too, though a normal Intelligence means you are viable, just at a general disadvantage. Rogue or Monk (Phys/Def) later on will aid enormously.

Half-Orc: Only slightly less pathetic than Giants, Half-Orc Warmages follow a similar route in terms of their combat style. Most get eaten by their own Demons though. Try Ranger (Bear or Wolf Clan) or Fighter when you can multi.

Human: As utterly average as they are in every other Guild, and Warmages despise anything less than excellence. They learn fast at least...Multi choices are down to personal preference.

Lizardman: As with others who are physically inclined, a Lizardman could get by beating things to death with a Blunt weapon for a while, but in the end is just not going to do well beyond Newbie Forest. A poor choice, with later option similar to Centaur or Giant.

Nymph: Surprisingly good, Nymphs have the greatest control over their summoned minions as well as excellent multi potential later on. An underappreciated combination! Add to that some Druid or Ranger later and they become rather scary!

Satyr: Like Giants and Half-Orcs, with worse magic and slightly better minion control. Just don't...If you do, then the only hope is Ranger (Stag or Wolf Clan) or Fighter later on to make you a slightler more pleasant shade of poo...

Warmage Multi-Classes

There is no reason not to explore additional Classes at later levels as a Warmage. Anything that increases your knowledge is another advantage...

Warmage-Cleric: Potential Shroud flares from healing aside, the huge gains in protection and recovery offset any potential disasters. Choice of deity matters, of course, but you become much tougher!

Warmage-Druid: Another follower, magical protections and great utility, this Guild appeals to many to boost their magical abilities. Mistletoe gathering can irk, but its a small prce to pay for such secret lore!

Warmage-Fighter: Surprisngly common for the more brutal, the new weapons and berserk styles can make for a powerful Warmage! This enhances any physical-combat focused Warmage.

Warmage-Monk: Excellent! Depending on your state you gain massive adabtability, defence and healing! You may even find the Offensive powers of Chi the match for many Arcana!

Warmage-Ranger: Uncommon, but for the dexterous the Clans have some utility and mitigates any weaknesses you may have. The animal friends also help out a lot!

Warmage-Rogue: Scary stuff! A million tricks and preperations will allow you to take down anyone with enough planning. Demons, poisons and stealth all grant great additional power