After his abandonment of the dying House Harlequin, Blitzkrieg Silversnow knew that something had to be done to preserve the tradition of scholarly education that House had held so dear, and continue to aquire and preserve the myriad lores on the Realms. Settling in Valena, he found the Clerics of Brenhaven and Paladins of Silendria also valued this tradition. Members of House Valderi and their merry companions now travel the lands, observing and recording the events they see, before reporting back to Brenhaven for the events to be written in the Book of Futures. House Valderi is primarily a peaceful union of Families, striving to develop themselves both intellectually and economically, but an opportunity to increase their holdings and knowledge would not be passed up! 

"Be assured that we are not just a scholarly House! We must be trained in the lore of war, just as the paladins of Silendria Keep. The great Duke Tawl has an arrangement with our House to lend some of his paladins to protect the city, and train the Valderi that show interest. Likewise the knowledge we bring to Valena is available to them and all others here, and with this exchange we will all grow stronger! If you find joy in discovery and strength in companionship, then join us to overcome all challenges with a smile on our faces and song in our hearts!" - Blitzkrieg Silversnow

House Head: Blitzkrieg Silversnow.

Deputy: Rishnak Bloodmoon.


The Valderi accept all of positive alignment and attitude! No Necromancer will ever darken their door and the occassional Rogue within their ranks is likely a cheerful Cutpurse and certainly no black-hearted Assassin! A desire to improve the world is their common bond and a delight in its wonders their shared reward.

Name Head Rank Main Race & possible Races Deity Description
Blackhawk Etilan Minor Any
Bloodmoon Rishnak Major Giant, Half-Orc, Human, Nymph, Satyr Brangwen
Coldsnap Remirf Major Drow
Icewind Grimmer Minor Elf, Half-Elf, Human, Faerie, Nymph, Satyr
Silversnow Blitzkrieg Prime Any Brangwen Stalwart Fighters and learned Monks. They protect those who cannot defend themselves and only strike at those who would victimise others.
Whitehoof Bolen Minor Any
Wintermour Bogus Major Any


House Valderi has risen to prominence in the northern land of Valena, with close-knit ties to the Paladins and Clerics there. They also oversee the tiny crossroad border town of Rathowen.