These reasonably weighty, two-handed and bashing weapons are often enchanted by sorcerers to have unusual abilities, Warmages being especially fond of theirs. Reasonably hefty, they take up some fair bag space.

The only Race with modifiers to this skill are Giants (+5).

Certain magical effects have been known to grant a temporary +5 bonus too. (Q.I)

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Type Notes
Brown Staff 0 1st Carruthers Newbie Forest, Oak Tree Bash
Gnome Staff 0 1st Various Alders Way, Gnome House Bash
Small Walking Stick 0 1st Orache NewbieLand, Pixie Village Bash
Staff of the Junior Artificer 0 1st Leya Newieland, Witchling Cavern Bash "unscrew base", unusual damage descs
Steel Staff 0 1st Bodyguard NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp Bash
Thick Plank 0 1st "get plank" Drakenwood, Old House Bash
Walking Stick 0 1st Reginald Newbie Forest, Oak Tree Bash
Weaponsmith staff made for (Name) 0/80 Dan (Vendor) Drakenwood Bash Wears extremely quickly, crafted based on buyers Skill level (caps at 80)
Witches Broomstick 0 1st Elvira (Vendor) Drakenwood Bash
Warmage Staff 1-70 0lbs N/A N/A Bash "pool", "draw", Damage/heal specials
Gnome Quarterstaff 5 1st Gnome Militiaman Withered Peaks, Gnome Village Bash
Long Staff Type Pole 5 1st Charon Alluveai's Forest, Boat Bash Reduced damage?
Old Wooden Staff 5 1st Shaman Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Bash "salve", 5 uses  (Cleric Cure Light)
Wooden Staff 5 1st Various Aldersford, Temple of Rehann Bash
Light Wooden Staff 10 1st Norbert (Vendor) Mirrortown Bash
Light Wooden Staff 10 1st Skeleton Alluveai's Forest Bash
Ceremonial Staff 15 1st Erin Aldersford, Temple of Rehann Bash
Orc Staff 15 1st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event
Wooden Staff 15 1st N/A Valley of the Orcs, Fortress Bash "soothe" converts 10 MP to HP
Hobgoblin Shaman's Staff 20 2st Hobgoblin Shaman Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves Bash Damage special
Small Quarterstaff 20 2st Guard Alders Way, Wuzzietown Bash
White Aura Staff 20 2st White Ghost Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Damage special
Wooden Staff 25 2st Zarakon Drakenwood Bash
Yellow Aura Staff 25 2st Yellow Ghost Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Damage special
Orange Aura Staff 30 2st Orange Ghost Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Damage special
Ashwood Staff 35 2st Minerva Sherwood, Nottingham Castle Bash Does cold damage
Charred Staff 35 2st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event
Cyan Aura Staff 35 2st Cyan Ghost Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Damage special
Long Oak Staff 35 2st Little John Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp Bash
Redwood Staff 35 2st Drambol Drakenwood, Dark Cove Bash Extra attack special
Staff of Ultimate Power 35 2st Rashira Drakenwood, Sewers Bash
Barbed Staff 40 2st Orog Valena, Rolling Hills Bash
Black Oak Staff 40 2st Shaman Kast Torelorn Mountains, Bugbear Caves Bash/Magic Air damage special
Demon Staff 40 2st Demon Prince Drakenwood, Lighthouse Bash
Green Aura Staff 40 2st Green Ghost Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Damage special
Hardwood Staff 40 2st Mungo Boss Drakenwood, Windmill Bash
Blue Aura Staff 45 3st Blue Ghost Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Damage special
Light Staff 45 3st Berk Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep
Shadow Staff 45 3st Weeping Shadow Sherwood, Grove of the Waterfall Bash/Cold Pos. align. req.
Black Staff 50 3st Haelus of the Ravens Omanii Desert, Buried Pyramid Bash
Broom Handle 50 3st Militiaman Rosfarren, Rathwiel Bash
Elegant Carved Staff 50 3st Kyna Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry Bash
Magenta Aura Staff 50 3st Magenta Ghost Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Damage special
Slime Covered Staff 50 3st Slime Zombie Rosfarren, Abandoned Mine Bash
Broom Handle 55 3st Jowan Rosfarren, Rathwiel Bash
Gnarled Staff 55 3st Nomad Shaman Omanii Desert, Evil Nomad Camp


Ivory Staff 55 3st Villager Alforpia, Plague Village Bash
Quarterstaff 55 3st Guard Alforpia, Castle Bash
Red Aura Staff 55 3st Red Ghost Drakenwood, Sewers Bash Damage special
Smooth Staff 55 3st Midhat Omanii Desert, Nomad Camp Bash
Teak Staff 55 3st Douglas Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry Bash Extra attacks special
Gnarled Blackwood Staff 60 3st Dodure Tyrnafar, Bear Keep Bash/Cold Damage special
Longstaff 60 3st Cleric Sherwood, Cardin's Land Bash
Travellers Staff 60 3st Oran Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry Bash
White Ash Staff 60 3st Various Guards Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn Bash
Bronze Shod Staff 65 5st Various Guards Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry Bash
Staff of the Forest 65 4st Jole Realm of Illusion Bash Druid only, +5 Woodcraft, Air/Earth/Fire/Water Damage specials.
Plain Staff 70 4st Brehon Teigue Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry Bash
Runic Staff 70 4st Ibir Andurin Ocean, Heipvarga Island Bash "invoke arngeir" gives Extra damage special
Staff of Despair 70 4st Jeena Realm of Illusion Bash +5 Conjuring for Warmages?
Clerical Staff 75 4st Lothilag Valena, Katkunra's Tomb Bash
Knotted Staff 75 4st Brehon Carrig Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry
Rock Staff 75 4st Ancilis the Warmage Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Bash
Rhuddin Ar Coedwig 75 4st Fiona Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry Bash Air damage special
Skull Staff 75 4st Witchdoctor Andurin Ocean, Wolumbo Island Bash
Druid's Staff 80 4st Protak the Gardener Outland, Tomb of Thebus Bash
Oak Staff 80 4st Calas Outland, Tomb of Thebus Bash
Rod of the Squid 80 4st Priestess & Baroness Andurin Ocean, Caverns of Night Bash "enwrap" may not be wieldable
Carved Staff 85 4st Treguzai the Druid Omanii Desert, Dark Caves Bash +10 Woodcraft for Druids
Runic Oak Staff 85 4st Sigga Andurin Ocean, Heipvarga Island Bash "Invoke odrhrafn"
Ornate Bladed Staff 90 5st Cpt. Marjov Valena, Ruined Castle Bash Damage special
Thelkessa's Staff 90 5st Thelkessa Tyrnafar, Silver Mine Bash "decay" damage special (Rogue Lash)
Staff of Lore 95 5st Fire Mephit Loremaster Omanii Desert, Volcano Bash +2 Wis
Ebony Staff 100 5st Greater Demon Sherwood, Burial Chambers Demonic align. req.
Flaming Staff 100 5st Troll Magus Withered Peaks, Troll Caves Bash/Fire Damage special, hurts when wielded
Heavy Wooden Staff 100 5st Julian Valena, Silendria Keep Bash
Staff of Striking 100 5st Carin Andurin Ocean, Isle of Dread Bash Neg. Align. req. "ukuma", "shukura" damage specials
Steel Shod Quarterstaff 105 5st Charming Bandit Valena, Summer Highway (South Road) Bash
Staff of Light 115 6st Gabriel Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (20U) Bash +Align. req. Grants Magical Armour. Extra damage vs. Infernal
Tree Trunk 115 6st Gorbash Drakenwood Bash
Old Oak Staff 120 6st Duergar Chieftain Underdark, Duergar Tunnels Bash ”pool” or “draw”

not 120 or 125

Guard's Staff 125 6st Guard Vesper Aerdy, High Pass Bash
Lander's Staff 125 6st Lander Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Bash
Oak Walking Stick 125 6st Beady-Eyed Myconid Aerdy, Myconid Tunnels Bash
Light Bo Staff 130 6st Various Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin
Inscribed Staff 135 7st Obelia Aerdy, High Pass Bash -1 int, Fire/Cold/Poison/MP Drain specials
Staff of Rajax 135 7st Kislek Underdark, Crypt Bash Special bypasses Silence?
Eldar Staff 140 7st Eldar Khellon Aerdy, Sterford Bash
Ornate Bo Staff 140 7st Kurg Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin
Levi's Staff 145 8st Levirus Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin Bash Fire Damage special
Polished Ebony Staff 150 8st Dareni Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin
Carved Ebony Staff 160? 9st Olfric the Magnificent Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin Bash
Staff of Infernal Power ??? Lareth Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan