Around 7 feet tall with hairy, hooved, goat-like legs and small horns projecting from their foreheads, Satyrs can be intimidating beings! Their great strength, poor common sense and very"maleness" adds to this with Satyrs being very much creatures of passion, capable of unpredictable actions that keep many wary despite their charming personalities.

Satyrs have a magical genesis, which is about the only magic they experience in their lives. They care little for the past and questions about it though, living in the now as much as possible. They tend towards a tanned, outdoorsy tone with dark, often tangled hair on their heads and almost everywhere else...

Notes: Satyrs must "alter" most footwear they find to accommodate their hooves.

Recommended Classes: Fighter, Monk (Physical/Offensive) or Ranger (Bear or Stag Clans).


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
+2 +1 -1 -4 +3 -4


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Blade: +5 Conjuring: -5 Application:
Attack: +10 Blunt: +5 Faith: Bargaining: +5
Defence: Knife: Healing: Chi:
Double Wielding: Polearm: Insight: Murder:
Melee: Projectile: Magic Attack: -5 Riding:
Shields: Staff: Magic Defence: -5 Skullduggery:
Thrown: Woodcraft: Stealing:
Two-Handed: Stealth:


Night Vision Above Average
Average Height 7' 0"
Average Weight 14st 4lbs
Primary Language Wulinaxin
Maturity 20 Years