Rogues are all about avarice and, through the use of stealth & subtlety, it is their aim to become as rich as they possibly can. Adept at sleight of hand, they are masters of acquiring others wealth through picking pockets, lifting bags, or even a crude snatch & run. Whilst they are able combatants when pressed (having a good knowledge of the body's weak spots) they should seek to avoid direct combat, fleeing rather than standing & fighting if caught with their hand in another's pocket...

The Rogue Guild is a strong family for those who have grown up with none. They also has an iron hand in the form of Assassins & Bandits, who may be called upon to keep the house in order, or rarely to perform a sanctioned assassination. Above all a Rogue should be unnoticed, those who attract too much attention from the Town Council should expect a severe reprimand from their peers.

Note: Rogues cannot perform some Tricks if they are more Positively Aligned than the Trick states in it's description

Permitted Armour: Leather & Cloth.

Wizard in Charge: DvalDeputy Wizard:

Deputy Wizard: ??


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
Primary Secondary Primary Primary Secondary Secondary


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Secondary Blade: Secondary Insight: Secondary Bargaining: Primary
Attack: Secondary Knife: Primary Murder: Primary
Defence: Primary Projectile: Secondary Riding:Tertiary
Double Wielding: Primary Thrown: Secondary Skullduggery: Primary
Melee: Tertiary Whip: Secondary Stealing: Primary
Shields: Tertiary Stealth: Primary

Guild Hall

Location: Near Radagast's Exclusive Casino in Outland. (See Maps).

Directions to Drakenwood Square: 2u, 2w, climb chute, jump bar, 2s, 3w, 3nw, 19w, n, [].

Directions from Drakenwood Square: [], s, 19e, 3se, 3e,  2n, jump bar, enter chute, 2e, 2d.

Guild Features

  • Venril, a grumpy vendor.

  • Chonjara, master poisoner & alchemist.

  • The Blackboard, for keeping track of Rogue activities.

  • A list of knives & daggers for those new to them.

  • Some public-spirited chaps who guard the entrance...

  • A host of secret exits & hidden tunnels...allegedly...


Spies are those nefarious allies of the Rogue Guild, hired through contacts such as Kasik to perform tasks for their employers. Ranging from cheaply bought informants to incredibly expensive Assassins, Spies are only as useful as the employer is smart. See "rghelp spes" & "rghelp spies-summary" for detailed information. The kinds of Spies you can utilise are listed below from the most feeble to the most deadly!

You can hire a number of spies, but are limited by how good they are & your Level. Spies are hired by the hour (mud time). If you want your spy to hang about longer than you originally paid for, you can 'pay <amount> <currency> to <spy>'.

  • Urchins: Wretched informants & pests

  • Beggars: Urchins who survived, much better at spying & stealing than their younger brethren.

  • Highwaymen: Professional thieves, capable of stealing specific items, or slipping them away, unnoticed...

  • Thugs:

  • Master Highwaymen: Effective bodyguards & combatants.

  • Bashers:

  • Cutpurses:

  • Brigands:

  • Assassins: Deadly murderers for hire, capable of solo missions.

  • Legendary individuals including the fearsome Sinan.

Rogue Tricks

Name Level Skill Description Alignment
Sly Peek 5 Stealth Look without others seeing --
Strip Corpse 5 Bargaining Bury a corpse to gain extra cash --
Lunge 15 Murder Damaging attack with chance of extra effects --
Pick Locks 15 Skullduggery Attempt to unlock doors/containers --
Sneak Around 15 Stealth Attempt to move without others noticing --
Appraise Value 25 Skullduggery Gauge the value of an item in silver --
Coil and Throw 25 Thrown Damaging attack with chance of extra effects --
Snatch Object 25 Stealing Attempt to grab a carried item Nice
Whip Flick 25 Whip Damaging attack with chance of extra effects --
Move Stealthily Lv. 6 Stealth Enter/leave rooms undetected --
Apply Disguise 30 Skullduggery Take on the apperance of a Highwayman, Beggar, Hag, Female Urchin or Male Urchin for a while --
Dodge 30 Defence Raise Defence/lower Attack briefly with extra effects --
Filch Valuables 30 Stealth Get items without others seeing --
Place Valuables 30 Stealth Drop items without others seeing --
Slash Bag 30 Stealing Cause a victim's bag to spill its contents Nice
Pick Pockets 35 Stealing Steal some coins from a victim Nice
Assess Victim 40 Stealing Check success chance of theft on a person --
Poison Blade 40 Skullduggery Apply a basic D.O.T Poison to a Knife Neutral
Twist Knife 40 Murder Damaging attack, enhances Poison effects Nice
Eavesdrop 45 Stealth Listen in on an adjacent room --
Lace Poison 45 Skullduggery Poison food/drink Neutral
Deflect Attacks 50 Defence Block one round of a foe's attacks --
Defuse Traps 50 Skullduggery Disarm a trap --
Steal Object 50 Stealing Take a carried item without the victim knowing Nice
Trip Up Opponent 50 Murder Stun a foe for several rounds --
Whip Lash 50 Whip Damaging attack with chance of extra effects --
Backstab 60 Murder Damaging/stun initial attack Neutral
Haggle For Goods 60 Bargaining Buy for less & sell for more --
Hide In Shadows 60 Stealth Become invisible indoors --
Sharpen Knife 60 Skullduggery Make a Knife do more damage --
Shard Whip 65 Skullduggery Make a Whip better perform Murder Tricks --
Knock Out 75 Murder Knock a mortally wounded foe unconscious --
Snatch Wielded 75 Stealing Attempt to grab a wielded item Nice
Specialise Lv. 16 -- Choose one of 3 Rogue Specialisations --
Distract 80 Bargaining Improve another Rogue's Trick chances --
Improved Hide 80 Stealth Become invisible outdoors --
Grab Purse 85 Stealing Attempt to take all of a victims money at once Nice
Serrate Knife 85 Skullduggery Make a Knife better perform Murder Tricks --
Whip Flay 90 Whip Damaging attack with chance of extra effects Nice
Bag Opponent 100 Murder Blind/strangle a foe with one of your Bags for a time --
Eavesdrop All 100 Stealth Listen in to all adjacent rooms --
Sarakhan Defence 100 Defence Block all incoming attacks for several rounds --
Snatch Worn 110 Stealing Attempt to grab a worn item Nice
Improved Bag 130 Murder Improved Bag effectiveness --


At Level 16 Rogues may choose a Specialisation, a focus for their activities, & intensive training allows them to excel in their chosen field. While some improvements are obvious (such as the improved strength of a Bandit from the rigorous training) others require an investment of Experience such as improved skill maximums..

Leaving a Specialisation is possible, but you will NEVER be able to rejoin that it, you will lose up to 33% of your current experience & all abilities & bonuses. If you foolishly leave all of the available specialisations you will forfeit the right to any of the bonuses & will be branded an 'Outcast'. With that in mind, here are the available specialisation options...



The masters of silent killing. Not only are they expert at driving their knives into vital body parts of their enemies they can also manufacture poisons to kill or debilitate their foes in more subtle ways. Training constantly to be unseen allows experienced assassins to wander the realms almost completely invisible, leaving no trace. Perfect for getting into those heavily defended castles to remove an irritating target. Assassins gain the below benefits...

Name Level Skill Description Alignment
Poison Resistance N/A -- Greater resistance to Poison effects. --
Apply Disguise 30 Skullduggery Add Assassin to Disguise List --
Gather Chemicals 80 Skullduggery Gather plants in wilderness for poisons Neutral
Improved Poison 80 Skullduggery More effective, can poison all edged weapons Neutral
Skill Bonus Lv. 18 -- +5 maximum Knife & Murder --
Improved Backstab 100 Murder Increased damage & success rate Neutral
Synthesize Poison 100 Skullduggery May create advanced poisons Neutral
Skill Bonus Lv. 22 -- +5  maximum Knife & Murder --
Blend Shadows 130 Stealth Move without breaking concealment --


From the brutish thuggery of ogres like Thud to the swashbuckling, stylish swordplay of a gentleman-Rogue the bandit is the expert on dirty fighting. Although they would never admit to being so, the bandits are as close as a Rogue ever gets to being a fighter. Bandits train very heavily to improve their physique, are generally stronger & can take more punishment than other Rogues. Bandits gain the bonuses listed below...

Name Level Skill Description Alignment
Apply Disguise 30 Skullduggery Add Female & Male Brigand to Disguise List --
Garotte 80 Murder Stun foe & yourself for a short time Neutral
Skill Bonus Lv. 18 -- +1 Strength, +15 HP --
Improved Lunge 100 Murder Increased damage --
Skill Bonus Lv. 22 -- +1 Strength, +15 HP --
Improved Twist 115 Murder Increased damage Nice
Improved Trip 130 Murder Increased duration on foe, lessened on you if failed --



Experts in stealing. Disguising themselves as simple beggars they can remain in town unnoticed, looting coin after coin from the passers by. They have also mastered the art of stealing from the shadows. At high levels of stealth a cutpurse can steal from their victims & return to hiding, so long as they remain undetected. As well as their stealing skills they are experts in bargaining, being able to talk almost as much money from their victims as they filch. Cutpurses train heavily & as a result they learn to turn a phrase better, making them seem more charming & the constant stealing makes their fingers much more nimble. Cutpurses get the advantages listed below...

Name Level Skill Description Alignment
Apply Disguise 30 Skullduggery --
Skill Bonus Lv. 18 -- +1 Dexterity & Charisma, +5 maximum Bargaining & Stealing --
Slip Object 90 Stealing Give items to people without them noticing... Nice
Cut Gem 100 Skullduggery Improve the value of a Gem --
Cut Purse 115 Stealing Cause someone to drop all their cash Nice
Skill Bonus Lv. 22 -- +1 Dexterity & Charisma, +5 maximum Bargaining & Stealing --
Hidden Steal 125 Stealth Steal without breaking concealment --

Rogue Races

Artrell: A nasty blender is what you are. Often Assassins, Artrell have some difficulty with encumberance but their sheer number of attacks coupled with poisons can be devastating. Very fragile however. Artrell Bandits are also surprisingly scary. Warmage or Monk choices later can add truly terrifying levels of offense.

Aurin: Dexterous and charming, Aurin do best at Cutpurses than other specialisations. Later moved to Druid or Ranger (Any) grant increased utility and survivability. In any event, a slower and more patient playstyle is recommended.

Centaur: Medicore in most roles, Centaur only excell as Bandits, being surprisingly good at it. Obviously, Druid or Ranger (Bear or Stag) work best as later shifts. Before then their raw physical prowess lets them get by.

Drow: The best Assassins by many accounts, Drow make good Cutpurses and average Bandits due to their Stats. Multi into Ranger (Eagle or Wolf) or Warmage works well, though many forsake all others for Necromancer! Be advised that more people will automatically attack you than other races, so be wary in Valena or around Drakenwood!

Dwarf: Mean. A Dwarf suits the Bandit lifestyle more than others, with Blade & Knife being a favoured combination. Hardy & hard-hitting, they tend to fail at their Tricks more than most though. They often find Ranger (Bear) or Fighter improves their lives at later levels.

Elf: As Assassins, they can utlise poisons with Projectiles & this lends itself to later Ranger (Eagle) classing very well. Otherwise they make reasonable Cutpurses or Druids.

Faerie: Nasty, little stabby things. You're fast, hit a lot & can fly, but you are easily hurt & poor at prolonged combat. They make good Assassins & reasonable Cutpurses. Monk or Warmage highly recommended.

Giant: Tragic. Giants can make vaguely entertaining Bandits with Blades & maybe a Whip, but are utterly terrible at everything. In theory later moves to the rare Cleric or Fighter Classes could help, but your better off Reincarnating...

Gnome: Weird. You are average to poor across the board, but have no Specialisation preferences. Good for later Warmage or Druid though.

Half-Elf: A Human more suited to Ranger or Druid later, & Assassin or Cutpurse Specialisations.

Halfling: Born Rogues. Assassin or Cutpurse is the way to go, with an eye to Ranger or Monk later. Truly excellent at everything Rogueish. Watch your low health & encumbrance though.

Half-Orc: The Bandit's Bandit. Blade & Whip is excellent & they are the meanest & toughest Rogues you will meet. Add to that Ranger (Bear) & they are scary indeed!

Human: You can be whatever you want to be & your skills are dirt cheap. No major advantages though, aside from a durability often lacking in Rogues.

Lizardman: Much like the Centaur, these folk only do well as Bandits. Their innate fighting power helps at low levels, and their underwater breathing is a massive asset! Later move to Fighter is recommended, and nothing else!

Nymph: Excellent Cutpurses, but poor combatants, Nymphs would be best later moving to Druid, or at least Ranger. Very difficult.

Satyr: Too similar to Dwarves to comment on further.

Rogue Multi-Classes

There is no reason not to explore additional Classes at later levels as a Rogue. Anything that adds to your bag of tricks is another advantage...

Rogue-Cleric: Mad. With your likely negative alignment you gain nothing aside from a symbol & improved prayers. It's possible for Bandits who follow Brangwen however & the rare one can be powerful. Very difficult & limited. 

Rogue-Druid: Utility indeed, with a follower & magical healing. Your survivability increases but the outdoors requirements, alignment & wilderness slant of Druids can be an issue. Generally a big boost in capability for every Specialisation.

Rogue-Fighter: Simple,effective & thus suited to the Bandit. You gain much more in terms of physical damage capability but nothing else.

Rogue-Monk: An absolute dream come true. Any Specialisation benefits from this Class but Cutpurses will find their already low combat ability improves the most & the move to Cloth helps with encumbrance. Your longevity & defensive ability skyrockets. Complex to learn though & your Race will dictate your State more than anything.

Rogue-Ranger: Truly excellent, with the greatest utility & familiarity for Rogues in learning. Clan is everything with Eagle being good for Cutpurses, Wolf for Assassins & Bear for Bandits. Better armour, followers & all round adaptability.

Rogue-Warmage: Strong. You can be hurt more, but your sheer offensive potential with preparation is stunning. Assassins gain a lot from this, Bandits less so.