Rings use the Armoury skill, are always worn on one hand and are available to all Classes. They often have powerful enchantments in addition to their use as armour.

Races with unusual limbs may be able to wear more Rings than most or may need to "alter" them.

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Notes
Small Ring 0 3lbs "search bones" NewbieLand, Kobold Camp "polish"
Amethyst Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven Prot. vs. Magic
Beautiful Diamond Ring 5 4lbs Honest Jack (Vendor) Drakenwood
Black Ring 5 4lbs Lucius Tyrnafar, Silver Mine "extract" Damages foe, Heals you.
Diamond Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven Prot. vs. Air/Earth/Fire/Water
Dull Jade Ring 5 4lbs Caledon NewbieLand, Black Tent
Emerald Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven Prot. vs. Poison
Jade Ring 5 4lbs Caledon NewbieLand, Black Tent When worn, makes you invisible for a while, then becomes Dull Jade Ring
Moonstone Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven +2 Wis
Obsidian Ring 5 4lbs "search" Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves "activate ring", light source
Opal Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven Light source
Pearl Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven +2 Cha
Red Ring 5 4lbs "search statue" & "search port bench" Drakenwood, Docks Grants Water Breathing for 1 hour whilst worn
Ring Of Teleportation 5 4lbs Imp NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp "teleport" destroys the Ring
Ruby Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven +5 Def
Sapphire Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven Prot. vs. Unholy
Silvery Ring 5 4lbs ?? (Vendor) Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn
Skull Ring 5 4lbs "search crates" Outlands, Cemetery "drain" Leech MP special. Full Demonic req to work. Warmage only.
Snake Ring 5 4lbs "search hands" Withered Peaks, Giant House Prot vs. Poison
Sparkling Ring 5 4lbs "search trinkets" Alforpia, Centaur Camp
Stone Ring 5 4lbs Zerin Great Western Highway Grows/shrinks you based on Height when worn.
Topaz Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor Valena, Brenhaven +5 Chi
Zircon Ring 5 4lbs Galor (Vendor) Valena, Brenhaven +2 Int
Anchor Ring 40 8lbs N/A Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern Sought by Gordon...
Brass Ring 40 8lbs N/A Swamp, Lizardmen Caves +10% Defence (Max +8), inside chest
Crown Ring 40 8lbs Troll Mage Mirrortown, Troll Caves +3 Int
Dream Ring 40 8lbs N/A Sherwood, Grove of the Waterfall Teleports you to Realm of Illusion when worn, returns you when removed
Icesteel 40 8lbs Q.I Q.I Worn on Left Hand, "frost" converts all current MP to a Cold Damage attack
Left Knuckle Duster 40 8lbs Male Troll Jungle, Lower Jungle +5 Melee
Merking's Ring 40 8lbs Guardian Spirit Andurin Ocean, Mer Island Prot. vs. Water, Lv 24 or under to cause Mob to drop
Platinum Ring 40 8lbs N/A Andurin Ocean, Cutlass Island
Right Knuckle Duster 40 8lbs Female troll Jungle, Lower Jungle +5 Melee
Ring of Faith 40 8lbs Bishop Arton Valena, Silendria Keep Either full Saintly req. or Faith 100, +5 Faith
Ring of Tranquility 40 8lbs "search bones" Tyrnafar, Ice Troll Cave "calm" stops combat, destroys ring
Runic Ruby Ring 40 8lbs N/A N/A Prot. vs. Fire, stacks with other Protections. No longer available
Silver Ring 40 8lbs Ardra Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry +2 Con
Black Ring 75 12lbs N/A Omanii Desert, Buried House +2 Int, -2 Dex
Bronze Ring 75 12lbs Brina the Wanderer Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn
Gold Ring 75 12lbs Shade Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (15D) "inscribe" a message
Ring Of Might 75 12lbs N/A Realm of Illusion Found on a statue, non-Heroes/non-Fighters only? May give APR?
Silver Ring 75 12lbs Martha Hoary Forest, Witches' Ground Something odd...
Thin Gold Ring 75 12lbs N/A Outland, Ruins of Sparsis Grants low level Cleric Buffer/Prot. vs. Unholy, "search carpet" 
Ring Of Free Action 105 1st "utilise ring" grants 1 min Buff: Free Action (Resist most Stun).
Ring Of Unholiness 105 1st Carin Andurin Ocean, Isle of Dread Seems to do nothing...
Mithril Knuckle Dusters 120 1st "toolup" Drakenwood, Council Chambers Covers all Hands, Issued via warrant
Brass Knuckles 130 1st Jedrek Carwyn Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin
Ancient Ring 135 1st "search spores" Aerdy, Lorangrim Village Glows sometimes?(Q.I)
Gold Ring 140 1st Lara Underdark, Crypt Raises HP whilst worn
Jet Ring 140 1st Doorman Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan (Q.I)
Onyx Ring 140 1st Corpse Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Allows the learning of certain Infernal names...
Sapphire Ring 140 1st Lander (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan Grants 5 Physical Armour to all limbs
Platinum Ring 150 1st Roper Aerdy, Myconid Tunnels +10 Bargaining
Small Punching Dagger 150 1st Dul Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin