Plate armour uses the Armoury skill, generally covers the torso, arms and legs, is only available to Fighters and has the highest levels of both weight and protection, roughly 25% more than equivalent Mail.

An Artrell or Faerie may need to "alter" their armour at a blacksmith to accommodate their unusual limbs.

Item List

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Covers Notes
Demon Plate 0 13lbs Demon Drakenwood, Lighthouse +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Iron Platemail 0 13lbs Werewolf NewbieLand, Arboreal Battleground +/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF
Steel Breastplate 5 1st Goblin Archer Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Forge +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Iron Plate 10 1st Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Rusty Platemail 10 1st Small Mungo Drakenwood, Windmill +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Brass Breastplate 15 1st Gomez Addams Alluveai's Forest, Addams House +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Studded Orc Platemail 20 1st Commander Withered Peaks, Gnome Village +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Polished Platemail Armour 25 1st Champion Valley of the Orcs, Fortress +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Sage Platemail 30 1st Mungo Guard Drakenwood, Windmill +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Plate Sleeve 35 1st Willord Valena, Brenhaven +/+/++/++/++/++/RA/++/++/++
Valiant Platemail 35 1st Logan Drakenwood, Sewers +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Artrexcian Bodyplate 40 1st Royal Guard Alforpia, Castle

+/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ 2LA/+++/2RA/+++

Crystal Platemail 45 1st Crystal Knight Miathorn, Battlefield +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Feather Platemail 45 1st Kironis Omanii Desert, Buried Pyramid H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Weathered Platemail 45 1st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Bronze Left Arm Vambrace 50 2st Brown Ankheg Rosfarren, Ankheg Tunnels +/+/LA/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Bronze Platemail 50 2st Lizardking Swamp, Lizardmen Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Demon Plate 50 2st Chaos Demon Drakenwood, Temple of Chaos +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Neg.align. needed
Silver Plate Mail 50 2st Dreamer Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (15U) +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Prot. vs. Fire (50%?)
Dragon Hides Armour 55 2st Drem Firehair Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn +/T/LA/++/LL/LF/RA/++/RL/RF
Strong Breast Plate 55 2st Network Daemon Andurin Ocean, Covah Island +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++ Lowers Align when worn?
Tarnished Platemail 55 2st Greedy Paladin Sherwood, Cardin's Land +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Lowers Charisma?
Silver Platemail 60 2st Silver Knight Miathorn, Battlefield +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Breastplate 60 2st Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Samurai Armour 65 2st Various Samurai Rosfarren, Obsidian Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Toguri Family Armour 65 3st Toguri O Karnak Rosfarren, Obsidian Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Ceremonial Breastplate 70 2st Door Guard Valena, Brenhaven +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Demonic Bronze Platemail 70 2st Elfric Outlands, Gobbers +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Neg. align. needed
Supreme Platemail of Invincibility 70 2st Aethimyr Valena, Katkunra's Tomb +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +2 Dex/Con/Int/Wis
Ankheg Carapace Platemail 75 2st Ard Righ Tiarnan Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry +/T/LA/LH/LL/++/RA/RH/RL/++
Black Platemail 75 2st Black Knight Aldersford, Battlefield +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Brass Plate 75 2st Eachann Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Cardin's Platemail 75 2st Cardin Sherwood, Cardin's Land +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Mitsokosi's Armour 75 2st Mitsokosi Rosfarren, Obsidian Caves
Vratbak's Armour 75 2st Hato Vratbak Rosfarren, Obsidian Caves +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Guard Breastplate 80 2st Various Guards Valena, Brenhaven +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Large Breastplate 80 2st Various Guards Valena, Brenhaven +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Old Guard's Breastplate 80 2st Various Guards Valena, Brenhaven +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Town Guard's Breastplate 80 2st Various Guards Valena, Brenhaven +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Avatars Platemail 85 3st Maeddyn Valena, Katkunra's Tomb +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Falcon Platemail 90 3st Agaroth Andurin Ocean, Isle of Dread +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Breastplate of Moonlight 95 3st King Elendar Crystal Caverns +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Part of Set: Armour of Moonlight (Magical Armour Buff)
Diamond Platemail 95 3st Skeletal King Thebus Outland, Tomb of Thebus +5 Attack, +5 Defence, Resist Faerie Fire
Hairy Spider Carapace 95 3st Huge Spider (search cobwebs) Underdark, Crypt May need Repaired & Altered, % chance to spawn as Helm
Ornate Breastplate 95 3st Haz Valena, Brenhaven +/T/++/++/++/++/++/++/++/++
Polished Breastplate 95 3st Regal Valena, Ruined Castle +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Platemail Armour 100 3st Various Guards Valena, Silendria Keep
Captain Jaron's Platemail 105 3st Cpt. Jaron Drakenwood, Keep +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Jewelled Field Plate 110 3st Sir Cadal Valena, Silendria Keep +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Corroded Platemail 115 3st Cloaker Underdark,Crypt +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Duergar Platemail 120 3st Duergar Champion Underdark, Duergar Tunnels +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Height restricted (short)
Elven Platemail 120 4st Mordren Valena, Silendria Keep +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Obsidian Armour 125 4st Soulcrusher Sherwood, Burial Chambers +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ +10 Attack, Resist Faerie Fire, Neg. align. needed, Lowers align while worn
Burnished Platemail 130 4st Tawl Valena, Silendria Keep +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Ebony Full Platemail 130 4st Death Knight Underdark, Crypt +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++ Neg. align. needed
Ancient Steel Plate 135 4st Animated Armour Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Spider Plate Mail 135 4st Temple Guard Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan H/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Field Plate Armour 145 5st Randor Ethelri-Cithan, Temple of Lloth +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Daltakar's Platemail 155 5st Daltakar Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++
Dolustian Platemail 160 5st Sergeant Sagarmatha Aerdy, Nenreph Fortress +/T/LA/++/LL/++/RA/++/RL/++