Plate head armour uses the Armoury skill, generally covers only the head, is only currently available to single-class Fighters and has the highest levels of both weight and protection, roughly 25% more than equivalent Mail.

Item List

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Notes
Battered Helm 0 3lbs Gnoll NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp
Iron Helm 0 4lbs Werewolf NewbieLand, Arboreal Battleground
Iron Helmet 0 4lbs Guard Alforpia, Castle
Battered Helm 0 3lbs Guard NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp
Polished Helmet 0 4lbs Orc Beasthandler Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Forge
Scratched Helm 0 4lbs Elite Warrior Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower
Old Steel Helmet 5 4lbs Kobold Zombie Newbie Forest, Burial Grounds
Toughened Steel Helm 5 5lbs Brun Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower
Battle Helm 10 5lbs Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Metal Helmet 10 5lbs Skeleton Alluveai's Forest
Rusty Goblin Helmet 10 5lbs Haggard Goblin Torelorn Mountains, Andurins Edge
Rusty Iron Helm 15 5lbs Frenzied Chaos Worshipper Drakenwood, Underground Caves
Silver Helm 15 5lbs Silver Knight Miathorn, Battlefield
Copper Helmet 20 6lbs Vicious Mungo Drakenwood, Windmill
Shining Helmet 25 6lbs Dwarf Hero Withered Peaks, Dwarf Outpost
Knight's Helm 30 7lbs Gwendolyn Drakenwood Pos. align. needed
Divine Helmet 35 Clarissa Drakenwood, Sewers
Black Helmet 40 8lbs Various Orcs Great Western Highway, Orc Invasion Event
Silver Plumed Helm 45 9lbs Algar Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep
Black Helmet 50 9lbs Gladwyn Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep
Bronze Helmet 50 9lbs Warrior Swamp, Lizardmen Caves Lowers Nightvision when worn
Burnished Helm 50 9lbs Chaos Demon Drakenwood, Temple of Chaos
Horned Helmet 50 9lbs Black Knight Miathorn, Battlefield
Mining Helmet 50 9lbs Terrified Miner Rosfarren, Abandoned Mine
Old Helmet 50 9lbs N/A Andurin Ocean, Small Island
Ceremonial Helmet 55 10lb Blaen Riagain Rosfarren, Rathwiel
Old Battered Bucket 55 10lbs Ogre Guard Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves
Grey Helm 60 11lbs Grey Knight Miathorn, Battlefield
Great Helm 65 11lbs Cleric Sherwood, Cardin's Land
Samurai Helm 65 11lbs Fatigued Samurai Rosfarren, Obsidian Caves
Viking Helmet 65 11lbs Various Vikings Andurin Ocean, Heipvarga Island
Helm of Darkness 70 12lbs Joel Realm of Illusion May lower NightVision or make things seem sinister?
Visored Helm 70 12lbs Hursan Valena, Katkunra's Tomb
Brass Helmet 75 12lbs Eachann Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn
Guard's Pot Helmet 80 13lbs Various Guards Valena, Brenhaven
Old Pot Helm 80 13lbs Various Guards Valena, Brenhaven
Pot Helmet 80 13lbs Various Guards Valena, Brenhaven
Stronghelm 80 13lbs Darien Stronghelm Crystal Caverns
Helm of the Falcons 85 1st Swordwraith Andurin Ocean, Isle of Dread
Plate Carapace 90 1st Sword Spider Withered Peaks, Troll Caves
Mask of Moonlight 95 King Elendar Crystal Caverns Part of Set: Armour of Moonlight (Magical Armour Buff)
Plumed Pot Helmet 95 13lbs Guard Captain Valena, Brenhaven
Shiny Steel Helmet 100 1st Various Guards Valena, Silendria Keep
Ornate Plate Helmet 105 1st Cacodaemon Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (19D)
Obsidian Helm 110 1st Fleshharrower Sherwood, Burial Chambers Lowers Nightvision, Damages you (10HP, Head) when worn, Lowers Align.
Plate Helm 115 1st Volitor (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan
Winged Helmet 120 1st Duergar Champion Underdark, Crypt
Ebony Helm 130 Death Knight Underdark, Crypt If +align damages you when worn, "view" shows enemy HP
Ancient Plate Helm 145 9lbs Zombie Guard Aerdy, Keep