Leather foot armour uses the Armoury skill, generally covers both feet, is available to Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Rangers and Rogues and has a low level of both weight and protection, roughly 25% less than equivalent Mail.

Satyr may need to "alter" such armour to accommodate their hooves.

Item List

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Notes
Banded Boots 0 1lb Soldier NewbieLand, Gnoll Camp
Dirty Leather Boots 0 1lb Jonah Drakenwood
Elven Boots 0 0lbs Elissa (Vendor) Drakenwood
Goblin Boots 0 1b Guard Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves
Leopardskin Boots 0 1lb "search tree" Drakenwood, Lake +5 Stealth if Ranger/Rogue?
Old Boot 0 1lb "dive lake" Hoary Forest, Lake Covers Left Foot
"Race" Boots 0-75 3lbs N/A Alluveai's Forest, Addams House Q.I. May be based on Class/Armoury when created. May only be wearable by creator
Sturdy Boots 0 1lb Nik Newbie Forest, Kobold Tower
Leather Boots 5 1lb Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Rabbit Boots 5 1lb Medium Orc Withered Peaks, Gnome Village
Brown Leather Boots 10 1lb Savage Orc Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Forge
Soft Leather Boots 10 1lb Hobgoblin Guard Withered Peaks, Goblin Caves
Toughened Leather Boots 10 1lb Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Sturdy Leather Boots 20 1lb Elwin Withered Peaks, Grogglesprout Brewery
Black Leather Boots 25 2lbs Various Rogues Outland, Rogue Caves
Heavy Boots 25 2lbs Large Mungo Drakenwood, Windmill
Mud Stained Boots 25 2lbs Court Patrol Guard Sherwood, Nottingham Castle
Old Leather Boots 25 2lbs Zombie Omanii Desert, Buried Pyramid
Soft Leather Boots 25 2lbs Guido Outland, Rogue Caves +5 Stealth?
Sturdy Walking Boots 25 2lbs Finnigan Ancell Rosfarren, Rathwiel
Tough Leather Boots 25 2lbs Various Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp
Hobnailed Boots 30 2lbs Grandpa Hobbit Aldersford, Hobbitsville
Gnoll Boots 35 2lbs Gnoll Outland, Tomb of Thebus
Fur Boots 40 2lbs Sentry Tyrnafar, Barbarian Camp
Supple Leather Boots 40 2lbs Smelly Bandit Omanii Desert, Bandit Caves
Trollskin Boots 40 2lbs Shaman Kast Torelorn Mountains, Bugbear Caves
Black Hide Boots 45 2lbs Scout Jungle, Lizardmen Caves
Heavy Leather Boots 45 2lbs Kennard Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep
Padded Boots 45 2lbs Steinbeck Sherwood, Nottingham Castle +5 Stealth
Soft Hide Boots 50 2lbs Elfleda Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep
Sturdy Leather Boots 50 2lbs Miner Rosfarren, Abandoned Mine
Sturdy Walking Boots 50 2lbs Finnigan Rosfarren, Rathwiel
Black Boots 55 3lbs Null Tyrnafar, Silver Mine
Brass Studded Boots 60 3lbs Various Guards Rosfarren, Caer Aesclinn
Dark Boots 60 3lbs Seedy Cleric Valena, Katkunra's Tomb
Soft Leather Boots 65 3lbs Saskia Tyrnafar, Alaric's Keep
Tigerskin Boots 65 3lbs Native Hunter Andurin Ocean, Wolumbo Island
Animal-Skin Boots 70 3lbs Poacher Alforpia, Poacher Camp
Grey Boots 80 4lbs Honfri the Cleric Omanii Desert, Rocky Beach
Dragonhide Boots 85 4lbs Champion Valena, Katkunra's Tomb % to spawn
Rawhide Boots 85 4lbs Dwarf Chief Omanii Desert, Dark Caves
Tough Hide Boots 90 4lbs Garrat Valena, Silendria Keep
Demon Boots 95 4lbs Lesser Demon Sherwood, Burial Chambers Requires Altering unless Satyr, may damage when worn?
Engraved Leather Boots 95 4lbs Various Guards Valena, Ruined Castle Part of set: Engraved Leather (Full set gives +1 Int, +2 Attack, +5 Riding, +5 Woodcraft, Desc changes)
Soft Leather Boots 95 4lbs Cpt. Marjov Valena, Ruined Castle
Hard Soled Moccasins 100 4lbs Disfigured Bandit Valena, Summer Highway (South Road)
Leather Hunting Boots 105 4lbs Scarred Bandit Valena, Summer Highway (South Road)
Dwarfhide Boots 110 5lbs Satansfist Sherwood, Burial Chambers Dwarves cannot wear
Leather Thigh Boots 115 5lbs Evil Cleric Underdark, Crypt
Volitors Multiboots 115 5lbs Volitor (Vendor) Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan
Evil Looking Boots 130 6lbs Various Cultists Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin
Fine Leather Boots 135 6lbs Juddah Aerdy, Erindar
Dark Leather Boots 140 6lbs
Black Boots 150 7lbs "take boots" Aerdy, Ancient Tunnels
Tanned Boots 155 7lbs Charinda Underdark, Ethelri-Cithan