There are many Races and cultures across the Realms and thus many, many langages spoken. Some are reasonably well known whilst findign a tutor for others would take some time and effort. The Sage in Drakenwood is known to offer lessons in many to those with the time and money to spare...

Known Languages

  • Arborian: The language of the irritating Aurin.
  • Artrexcian: Spoken by Artrell and thus oft encountered in Alforpia.
  • Demonic: The Infernal tongue, spoken by the legions of the damned in the Lower Planes
  • Demonish: An Infernal dialect spoken by some of those beings.
  • Elcharean: The melodic Faerie tongue is rumoured to come from another plane!
  • Eltherian: Spoken by the various Elf cultures of the surface world.
  • Ersi: You'll hear the Halfling tongue in many places, such as Hobbitsville or police stations...
  • Farae: The tongue of Rosfarren and its various fiefdoms.
  • Farsi: The common Human tongue in the Western realms.
  • Goblesque: Yes, the gibbering of Goblins is actually a language, not insanity or mimicry!
  • Loyavenku: The ancient language of the Giants, though to be derived from an older one...
  • Malkierien: The words of a Dwarf are as hard and short as the speaker...
  • Nadir: The "lost" language of the great Nadir civilisation...
  • Nibelungen: Gnomes take their language seriously, most others dont after hearing them squeak.
  • Norse: The common tongue of the Heipvarga Islanders.
  • Nymal: The skillful tongue of the Nymph is greatly appreciated and worth exploring!
  • Orcish: Brutal and direct, spoken mostly around the Withered Peaks.
  • Runic: An obscure magical language used by the mystics of Heipvarga.
  • Shruti: Spoken by the Nomad tribes of the Omanii Desert.
  • Tangetto: The bitter Half-Orc dialect is a recent phenomenon and contains much from other Races'.
  • Thepa: The harsh and grating speech of the Lizardmen.
  • Undercommon: The trade tongue of the Underdark, harsh on the ear but essential in the depths.
  • Wolumban: Spoken by some mental tribe out in the Andurin Islands.
  • Wulinaxin: Gruff and basic, but surprisingly precise, is the Satyr's language.

Others, such as the sibilant tongue of the snake-people of Haal, are also known to a rare few.