The most diverse Race of any in all the Realms, Humanities greatest strength is its adaptability. From barbarian cultures in the far frozen north to exotic warriors from the mysterious east, Humans are almost impossible to define or repress. Most Races find their rapid reproduction and constantly shifting cultures to be threatening and enchanting in equal measure.

Humans possess skins from an alabaster pale to a black so deep it is almost blue, with hair colours just as far-ranging.

Notes: Humans adapt to their circumstances readily, and as such receive a 10% reduction to skill training costs!

Recommended Classes: Any!


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
0 0 0 0 0 0


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Blade: Conjuring: Application:
Attack: Blunt: Faith: Bargaining:
Defence: Knife: Healing: Chi:
Double Wielding: Polearm: Insight: Murder:
Melee: Projectile: Magic Attack: Riding:
Shields: Staff: Magic Defence: Skullduggery:
Thrown: Woodcraft: Stealing:
Two-Handed: Stealth:


Night Vision Average
Average Height 6' 0"
Average Weight 12st 7lbs
Primary Language Farsi
Maturity 16 Years