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Welcome to the Elemud Wiki

A collection of useful information for players of Elephant MUD including information on Races, ClassesKitFamilies, Houses, Deeds, GodsMaps and more! Here we hope to collect all the information Players have gathered over the years in one easy location. While you wont find any Exploration or Quest info on here (because some things really should be discovered through playing) just about everything else is!

Also, if you havent already, check out the Elephant webpage & Facebook group! The FB group is the most efficient way to contact other Players, see whats happening soon like MudMeets & take part in polls, whilst the main website for Elephant contains details on how to get started playing here (or to return in case you're a forgetful pensioner now who cant remember how TelNet works...).

A wild kitlist appears!

Thanks go to all the Players over the years like Grom, Lum, Bolen, Fayhra, Swifteye, Grima, Bogus and others who have taken the time to help others with sites similar to this. Here we hope to collect all the information out there, make sure its accurate and let everyone see it.

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