Drawing their power from the elemental forces of Nature, Druids do not see Nature as a deity, but rather as a state of being and an indication of the ideal way of life. They call this "The Way" and it directs them to maintain a balance in all things, to venerate certain days of the year when the natural forces are at their strongest and gives them the knowledge required to harness the natural powers. Thus they, unlike Warmages, draw their power from the natural energy of the planet as opposed to the Outer Planes.

The intensity of a Druid's spells is tied closely to the phases of the moon, their environment, any extreme of weather and the 'balance' of good and evil. In addition, a Druid must harvest mistletoe in order to cast spells, for it is to them as a Holy Symbol is to a Cleric. Druids are also masters of shape changing and can shift into various animal forms, each of which will enhance their capabilities in different ways. However a Druid cannot wear armour, wield weapons or cast spells whilst in an animal form.

Permitted Armour: Leather & Cloth.

Wizard in Charge: Larnen

Deputy Wizard: ??


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
Primary Primary Secondary Secondary Secondary Primary


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Secondary Blade: Secondary Conjuring: Primary Bargaining: Secondary
Attack: Secondary Blunt: Primary Healing: Primary Riding: Tertiary
Defence: Secondary Staff: Primary Insight: Primary
Melee: Tertiary Thrown: Tertiary Woodcraft: Primary
Shields: Secondary

Guild Hall

Location: East end of Woodsmans Way (See Maps).

Directions to Drakenwood Square: 2s, e, 2ne, 3e, 2s, 2se, 2e, 3s, sw, 2s, [].

Directions from Drakenwood Square [], 2n, ne, 3n, 2w, 2nw, 2n, 3w, 2sw, w, 2n

Guild Features

  • Old Jarren, who can provide all kinds of information when you "talk" to him.

  • Liquidia the water sprite, who runs a store.

  • A stone Henge on can sleep at to restore Balance to your alignment!

  • A silvery lake shared with the Rangers in which you can swim and fish.

Druid Spells

Druids require Mistletoe, which can be "picked" from various location around the Realms, in order to cast any spells. Mistletoe withers over time, so ensuring you have a fresh supply is wise! They also often need to be outdoors in order to invoke certain effects, in certain kinds of weather or near particular bodies of elements...

Name Level Stat/Skill Element Description
Predict Weather 0 Woodcraft Air can predict the weather...*DUH*
Plant 2 Woodcraft Earth Grow trees or flowers for use in other spells
Detect Balance 5 Woodcraft All Discern the rough alignment state caused by mobs in a room
Empathy 5 Woodcraft All Discern the combat potential of animals and plants in a room
Magic Torch 5 Conjuring Fire Create a floating light source
Detect Poison 10 Woodcraft Water Discern whether an item is poisoned
Goodberry 15 Healing Water Grow a bush with edible berries which can heal you
Fire Seeds 20 Woodcraft Fire Grow a bush with throwable berries that cause Fire Damage
Nature's Friendship 25 Woodcraft All Cease combat with an animal or plant
Storm Cloud 25 Conjuring Air Create a cloud that follows a Player, sometimes zapping them for 1 HP
Faerie Fire 30 Woodcraft Air Lower a foes skills for a time
Shillelagh 30 Conjuring Earth Enchant a Blunt weapon to do more Damage
Tree 35 Woodcraft Earth Disguise self as a tree, which may make you invisible in forests!
Wall of Fire 35 Conjuring Fire Block an exit with a wall of Fire, which damages others who "plunge" through
Barkskin 40 Woodcraft Earth Gain Prot. vs Phys & Weak vs. Fire
Hold Animal or Plant 45 Woodcraft Earth Stun an animal or plant for a short time
Call Lightning 50 Conjuring Air Damaging Air attack
Neutralize Poison 50 Healing Water Cleanse a natural Poison or venom from yourself
Rejuvenation 50 Healing Water Heal quickly for 30 seconds
Searing Heat 50 Conjuring Fire Damaging Fire attack
Protection from Elements 55 Conjuring All Gain Prot. vs Air, Earth, Fire &/or Water
Entangle 60 Woodcraft Earth Interrupt, also prevents movement and casting
Animate Object 65 Conjuring Air Cause an Item in the room to strike a foe, dealing damage based on its weight
Change Hawk 70 Woodcraft Earth Shift into the form of a Hawk
Magpie's Pilfering 70 Woodcraft Air Steal an item whilst in Hawk form
Soaring Flight 70 Woodcraft Air Gain the ability to "fly"
Frostbite 75 Conjuring Water AOE Cold attack
Heat Wave 75 Conjuring Fire AOE Fire attack
Nature's Revitalisation 75 Healing Water Healing spell
Change Bear 80 Woodcraft Earth Change into a tough Bear
Rend Flesh 80 Woodcraft Earth Damaging attack in Bear form
Weather Summoning 80 Conjuring Air Change the weather over a large area
Heat Item 85 Woodcraft Fire Cause an object to deal Fire Damage to the wielder/wearer/carrier
Change Wolf 90 Woodcraft Earth Change into a stealthy Wolf
Devour Corpse 90 Conjuring Earth Eat a corpse to Heal whilst in Wolf form
Liveoak 90 Woodcraft Earth Create an Ent Follower from a created tree
Savage Bite 90 Woodcraft Earth Damaging attack in Wolf form, 25% Damage bonus if foe affected by Rip or Rend
Passoak 95 Woodcraft Earth Teleport from one created tree to another
Change Dolphin 100 Woodcraft Earth Change into a Dolphin
Ephemeral Bloom 100 Healing Water Cause a Rejuvenation or Regeneration spell on one person to affect all nearby party members
Ram of the Delphinidae 100 Conjuring Water Damaging/Stun attack in Dophin form
Reincarnation 100 Healing All Bring someone back to life and change their Race
Chain Lightning 105 Conjuring Air AOE Air attack
Mental Serenity 110 Healing Water Reduces Alignment loss/gain from killing foes
Verdant Regrowth 125 Healing Earth Fully refresh any carried mistletoe that isnt completely withered!
Conjure Earth Elemental 120 Conjuring All Summon a weak Elemental follower
Conjure Air Elemental 125 Conjuring All Summon an average Elemental follower
Creeping Doom 125 Woodcraft Earth Create a swarm that wanders, attacking non-Druids before dissipating
Regeneration 125 Healing Water Heal very quickly and potentially regrow lost limbs
Change Dire Wolf 130 Woodcraft Earth Shift into an improved Wolf form
Conjure Fire Elemental 130 Conjuring All Summon a strong Elemental follower
Rip 130 Woodcraft Earth Damaging/Bleed attack in Dire Wolf form
Conjure Water Elemental 135 Conjuring All Summon a powerful Elemental follower
Change Grizzly Bear 140 Woodcraft Earth Shift into an improved Bear form
Fervor 140 Woodcraft Earth Gain extra APR and Armour in Grizzly form for a time
Finger of Death 145 Conjuring All Damaging/Stun attack, chance to insta-kill, may backfire...