Cloth foot armour uses the Armoury skill, generally covers both feet, is available to all Classes and has the lowest levels of both weight and protection, roughly 50% less than equivalent Mail.

Satyr may need to "alter" such armour to accommodate their hooves.

Item List

Name Skill Weight Mob Area Notes
Gnome Boots 0 1lb Various Alders Way, Gnome House
"Race" Boots 0-75 2lbs N/A Alluveai's Forest, Addams House Q.I. May be based on Class/Armoury when created. May only be wearable by creator
Red Thigh Boots 5 1lb Madame Cholet Drakenwood Covers Feet & Legs
Tattered Cloth Boots 5 1lb Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Frayed Boots 10 1lb Chaos Worshipper Drakenwood, Temple of Chaos
Linen Boots 10 1lb Reznor (Vendor) Mirrortown
Cream Satin Slippers 15 1lb Comely Hobbit Aldersford, Hobbitsville
Cloth Tall Boots 20 1lb Sweetgrass Hoary Forest
Sandals 25 1lb Thud Outland, Rogue Caves
Smurf Stamping Boots 25 1lb Gargamel Alluveai's Forest, Gargamel's Tower Q.I
Dirty Cloth Boots 35 1lb Merry Player Aldersford, Maze
Dainty Boots 40 1lb Thug Drakenwood, Sewers
Gargamel's Boots 40 1lb Gargamel Alluveai's Forest, Gargamel's Tower
Pair Of Sandals 40 1lb Mona the Witch Hoary Forest, Witches' Ground
Shimmering Blue Boots 45 1lb Water Sprite Rosfarren, Abandoned Mine
Sturdy Cloth Boots 45 1lb Spider King Swamp
Black Trousers 50 11lbs Quenten Realm of Illusion Covers Feet & Legs
Fur Boots 50 1lb Ogre Scout Leader Tyrnafar, Ogre Caves
Sailor's Boots 55 2lbs Sailor Corpse Andurin Ocean, Deep Cavern
Thin Brown Slippers 60 2lbs Dodurre Tyrnafar, Bear Keep
White Fur Boots 65 2lbs Nyult Tyrnafar, Bear Keep
White Trousers 65 1st Jeena Realm of Illusion Covers Feet & Legs
Stained Cloth Boots 70 2lbs Alun Valena, Brenhaven
Canvas Slippers 75 2lbs Warden Valena, Ruined Castle
Tough Canvas Shoes 75 2lbs Nev Valena, Silendria Keep
Silken Slippers 80 3lbs Wildfolk Crystal Caverns
Fleshy Footwraps 85 3lbs Bone Demon Tyrnafar, Silver Mine
Burned Sandals 95 3lbs Mareth Valena, Silendria Keep Mob may drop these or Scarlet Slippers
Scarlet Slippers 95 3lbs Mareth Valena, Silendria Keep Mob may drop these or Burned Sandals
Padded Silk Boots 100 3lbs Julian Valena, Silendria Keep
Worn Sandals 100 3lbs Valena, Silendria Keep
Ensorcelled Spidersilk Slippers 105 3lbs Giliche Jungle, Jungle Cave Mob may spawn with these or Ensorcelled Spidersilk Gloves
Clogs Of Doom 110 3lbs Yellow Musk Zombie Underdark, Foliage "stomp" emote
Angelic Silk Boots 115 3lbs Gabriel Mirrortown, Tower of Trials (20U)
Black Velvet Boots 140 4lbs Atticus Aerdy, High Pass +1 Int, +1 Cha