Centaurs are an ancient race, first encountered by the Elves in the earliest days of the Realms. They possess the main body of a horse but also the upper torso of a Human & are generally uninterested in the goings-on of non-woodland folk. The coats that cover their body & legs come in a wide array of colours as per normal horses, from piebald to uniform colours. Their human upper torso can likewise come in most of the variations available to humans.

Centaurs are very strong & can carry fully twice the amount that a Human can without tiring. They are also extremely proficient with bows, spears or halberds & (combined with their natural speed) this makes for a dangerous combatant from whom it is near impossible to escape.

Notes: Centaur are less encumbered by carried equipment & receive enhanced Stamina, do not need to purchase a horse to use Routes & mounted movemodes though still require the same Riding skill, have to "alter" most basic armour (needing 3 of the same item to eventually cover all applicable limbs) & potentially may wear multiple Amulets or Rings on their extra limbs.

Recommended Classes: FighterMonk (Any) or Ranger (Any).


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
0 +2 0 -1 +4 +1


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Blade: Conjuring: Application:
Attack: +5 Blunt: Faith: Bargaining:
Defence:  Knife: -10 Healing: Chi:
Double Wielding: Polearm: +10 Insight: Murder:
Melee: +5 Projectile: +10 Magic Attack: -5 Riding:
Shields: Staff: Magic Defence: -5 Skullduggery:
Thrown: Woodcraft: +5 Stealing:
Two-Handed:  Stealth: -5


Night Vision Average
Average Height 8' 0"
Average Weight 57st 2lbs
Primary Language Wulinaxin
Maturity 60 Years