Strange insectoid beings with large compound eyes above their beak-like mandibles, Artrell are alien in appearance as well as thought compared to all other humanoid Races. The hands at the end of their four arms end in two plier-like fingers and their chitinous bodies are dotted with thick black hairs, though none grow on their smooth round heads. They tend to dwell in isolated, small communities atop mountains and have cordial relations with the Dwarves and Faeries who live there too.

Short but nimble, Artrell are also fragile and weak compared to most as well as just plain weird looking! Their motivations are difficult to discern though they have stable societies in places like Alforpia where the curious could learn more...

Notes: Artrell have a small innate armour bonus to help keep them intact as well as a minor assist with the weight requirements of off-hand weapons, have to "alter" almost any item that covers their arms and/or hands and may wear up to 4 rings and 4 armlets in total. They may also purchase unusual mounts in the the Kingdom of Alforpia

Recommended Classes: Ranger (Eagle or Wolf Clans), Rogue (Any) or Warmage.


Charisma Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Strength Wisdom
-1 -3 +1 0 -4 0


Combat Weapons Magic Other
Armoury: Blade: Conjuring: Application:
Attack: Blunt: Faith: Bargaining:
Defence: Knife: Healing: Chi:
Double Wielding: +20 Polearm: Insight: Murder:
Melee: -5 Projectile: Magic Attack: Riding:
Shields: Staff: Magic Defence: Skullduggery:
Thrown: Woodcraft: Stealing: +5
Two-Handed: Stealth:


Night Vision Above Average
Average Height 3' 6"
Average Weight 4st 4lbs
Primary Language Artrexcian
Maturity 12 Years