Most Ammunition for Projectile weapons comes in stacks of up to 200, which weigh 4lbs when full. These light stacks may be stored in Bags such as quivers.

Rangers may craft their own arrows, but if used by non-rangers these arrows will always miss.

Note: Due to difficulty in discerning effectiveness of ammunition, they are listed in ascending order based of price at a vendor, the Mob who has them and the weapon they use which indicate effective level.

Name Level Mob Location Notes
Kobold Arrow 0 Kobold Archer NewbieLand, Kobold Camp
Wooden Arrow 5 Gnoll Scout NewbieLand, Lake
Ranger Hunting Arrow 10 Aldric, Disciple of the Forest Outland, Tomb of Thebus Ranger  only, May also be bought in Ranger Guild
Wooden Arrow 10 N/A Outland, Rogue Caves Stack spawns when arrow trap is sprung
Brown Arrow 15 Jinca (Vendor) Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp
Crooked Arrow 15 Goblin Archer Valley of the Orcs, Dwarf Forge
Iron Tipped Arrow 15 Guard Valley of the Orcs, Fortress
Amazon Arrow 20 Tawny Jungle, Amazon Village
Tiny Pixie Arrow 20 Various Pixies NewbieLand, Pixie Village
Ash Arrow 25 Ragged Hunter Withered Peaks, Rocky Outcrop
Handcrafted Arrow 25 Thren (Vendor) Drakenwood
Rusted Crossbow Bolt 25 Soldier Valley of the Orcs, Fortress
Bronze Arrow 30 Hobbit Guard Aldersford, Hobbitsville
Fine Ash Arrow 30 Various Mobs Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp
Wicked Arrow 30 Knox Aldersford, Thornie Woods Damage special
Arrow 45 Tanor (Vendor) Great Western Highway
Green Arrow 45 Jinca (Vendor) Sherwood, Robin Hood's Camp Damage special
Quarrel 45 Tanor (Vendor) Great Western Highway
White Ash Arrow 45 Cobrun (Vendor) or Lecarte Tyrnafar
Light Ash Arrow 50 Mungo Guard Drakenwood, Windmill
Iron Tipped Arrow 60 Court Patrol Guard Sherwood, Nottingham Castle
Shocking Bolt 60 Uncle Fester Alluveai's Forest, Addams House Air damage special
Black Feathered Arrow 70 Scout Swamp, Lizardmen Caves
Bone Arrow 70 Minotaur Outland, Tomb of Thebus
Burning Crossbow Bolt 70 Ras Tilman Drakenwood, Night Delvers Pipe Fire damage
Jet Black Arrow 70 N/A Alluveai's Forest Does not come in stacks!
Blackwood Arrow 75 Poison, Damage  & Def lowering specials
Bloodied Bolt 75 Rosfarren, Orog Camp
Dark Arrow 75 Sniper Assassin Drakenwood, Natural Caves Poisoned
Steel Crossbow Bolt 75 Guardsman Omanii Desert, Temple of Ogkma
Yew Arrow 75 Various Bandits Rosfarren
Cedar Shaft Arrow 85 Rosfarren, Dun Glenderry
Hand-Made Arrow 85 Poachers Alforpia, Poacher Camp
Serrated Steel Arrow 85 Cardin's Scouts Sherwood, Cardin's Land Damage special (Level Uncertain)
Serrated Steel Arrow 90 Cardin's Scouts Sherwood, Cardin's Land Damage special (Level uncertain)
Flint Arrow 95 Centaur Scouts Alforpia, Wild Forest & Centaur Camp
Light Arrow 105 Razyl Omanii Desert, Rocky Beach
Steel Tipped Arrow 120 Various Mobs Valena, Brenhaven & Silendria Keep
Crossbow Bolt 130 Scout Underdark, Duergar Tunnels
Fine Silver Arrow 130 Various Mobs Valena, Silendria Keep Silver
Silver Arrow 130
Stone Arrow 145 Lukas Aerdy, High Pass
Large Arrow 150 Frost Giant Trapper Aerdy (Nothern Wilderness)
Stone Sling Stones 150 Pelagius Aerdy, High Pass
Barbed Arrow 155 Various Aerdy, Ruins of Moratherin Extra Damage special
Black Steel Arrow 160 Guard Nix Aerdy, Erindar
White Ash Arrow 160 Outlaw Huntress Aerdy